19 May 2006

Hang up & Walk

Today i was cut off by no less than two people who were talking on their cell phones. And i was walking. And they were walking. One was merging from another sidewalk, and got there a little ahead of me, but she still really ought to have been aware of me. She was completely oblivous, though & walked me right onto a soggy patch of lawn with her giant bag. When i then proceeded to walk around her, she still didn't seem to register that she wasn't the only one on the sidewalk.

Earlier, another girl walked past me - i walk kind of slow some times, especially when, like today, i'm carrying my shoulder bag (Kenneth Cole $69.99) - got a call on her phone and slowed down and veered right, which would have rammed me right into the brick wall by the sidewalk had i not decelerated and gotten around her. I'm just lucky to be alive. Be careful out there.

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