02 June 2006

il finito

And i'm done. That was it, then. Tonight i handed in my last two M.A. assignments ever. (Unless some other stupid school forces me to get an M.A. before they agree to give me a PhD)... But i emailed in a zombie syllabus & some notes from class. And that's it. They say i'm done and can have a degree now.

America, fuck yeah.

It's strange to have been working on anything much of work for this degree still, though, because, the last few days, i feel like i've been completely living in the future... On Wednesday, i watched part of the Battlestar Gallactica mini-series, where they show that everyone in the future will dress really cool. Then i wrote an abstract about a non-existant paper about BodyWorlds (an exhibit that i have yet to see)that i hope to give at a conference in Omaha in the fall... and later worked on a syllabus for a zombie class that i would like to imagine teaching in the future... Between all that, i went to purchase my 'cap & gown' and sign up to go to the Checkerboard Lounge for free with the MAPH crew next Tuesday. All in all, it was a very futuristic day.

Today, in addition to finishing my syllabus, i went to a 'student loan exit counseling session' where they told me that i would likely have to pay back my student loans. Fuck. But, not to worry, i plan to be horribly rich and fabulous by mid-March, so payback should be a piece of cake.

So, i'm a week away from graduating from the University of Chicago with a Master's degree in the Humanities... And all i can think, is that i want to think about an art exhibit i'm going to in June, the Mayan ruins i'll see in July, and the hipsters and eHarmony lovers i'll see in August... I guess i was right on this afternoon, when i bought my new t-shirt... "University of Chicago: The Place Where Fun Comes To Die." I fear i may be no more fun a'tall

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