04 July 2006

Paper Man

Today is the 4th of July. As you likely know. Today is America's birthday. a la


Brooke, Andy & i headed over to daveT's family picnic. They're a total pyro family. I am really regretting that this is the first year in perhaps 6 years that i've not been in Brookings, SoDak for the 4th of July.

I'm sorry to be missing it, friends of Brookings, and i wish i could be there hitting up Jim's Tap (home of the strongest drinks this side of the Rio Grande), but c'est la vie, eh? It's hard to miss you all, but i'm sure it'd be even harder not to miss you all (given the fact that i leave for a 3-day Las Vegas bachelor party in less than 60 hours).

Hope all is right in america. And hope you all feel 'proud to be an american... where at least you know you're free', because, you know, america... it's awesome.

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