24 October 2006

Get to it

a google image search of 'cultural critique'OK - so i've just started reading Barak Obama's The Audacity of Hope, and recently finished a Chomsky documentary and Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, and additionally just saw a good friend show up on a random episode of Nightline...

And so, this story which is my life (in which you all must be bit or not-so-bit part players) rolls on as i start to get serious about applying to grad school and am a hardCore greenGod bookseller, but i wonder to myself what am i doing here exactly... and what will i be doing.

I would like to model myself (as Un-uChi of myself it may be) off of Chomsky's model... in the sense that he started off as a dreadfully important academic in his own area... becoming one of the most important linguists ever... Then
moved on to be somebody who thought it was vital to try an change the socio-political landscape and essentially abandoned his normal life to pursue it... But the bridge from some random field of academic solitude to the battlefield the current political fight isn't so far as i might once have thought. And so i can fall back to the original 'what am i doing here' question and voila!, i'm a cultural critic, whatever the hell that is...

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