20 August 2007

Ah, finally. The new school year is fast approaching (I’m so glad I can be fully thinking in school year terms again), yet I haven’t done a damn thing about it really. I’ve been temping steadily for the last couple weeks, except for the break I took for Dave & Carolyn’s Wedding Weekend up in Fairibault (congrats, kids, again, this time a bit late).

So, loyal readers, I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s new in the world of Roman Numeral J. I’m most of the way through Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (don’ttellmehowitends) working at a strange little company, and getting acclimated to Milwaukee (mostly by drinking at different times and in different places)

I am also mourning the temporary loss of my laptop. As my service warranty was fast running out at CompUSA (which itself, also seems to be fast running out), I brought it in for some repair and optimizing. Because the laptop’s interior parts are so teeny tiny, they send it in for repair, so it’s gone for a spell.

In other news, Brigette, live-in sister-in-law extraordinaire is moving on to bigger (or at least better) things. She’s found herself a place to live in Wauwatosa – ("Tosa" to Wauwatosians) – and is moving in this weekend. She will be surely missed, in particular by Rex Grossman, who has had trouble enough adjusting to an empty house during the day due to our vigorous work schedules. He’s taking it poorly… and acting out because of it. Running off through the neighborhood, eating newspapers, eating arms…

Well, this is the sad, little update for today… Stay tuned for more updates, i'm sure they're imminent.


noweverybody said...

I am so jealous of your going back to school. This means one more whole year for me. But that does give me an entire year to get my beard to an appropriately Marxian length for the start of a PhD program.

David said...

Thanks, Joel!!!