19 February 2008

Voting Day!!!

Hey all you fellow Wisconsinites. If you haven't gotten out there & voted yet, go do so now... Wisconsin Election Information is abysmally hard to come by, but i've stumbled on some nuggets that won't help me much, but for my Rock County friends... (If you're in districts 1 or 29, which i don't know where they are)

Janis Ringhand
WisconsinCandidate for Rock County Board - District 1 (Open Seat)
Janis has been a member of our farm team since 2005 and, in 2006, she was a Progressive Majority candidate for the State House in the 80th Assembly District. Despite hard work and a valiant effort on her part, she came up short by less than 200 votes. Now, Janis is running for an open seat on the Rock County Board. Janis is a former mayor of Evansville and, if elected, she will hold a progressive seat in one of the more conservative parts of the county.
Click here to support and learn more about Janis.

Katie Kusnasik
WisconsinCandidate for Rock County Board - District 29 (Challenger)
Katie Kusnasik is challenging a conservative member of the Rock County Board as part of a strategy to create a progressive majority in the next two election cycles. She is currently a legislative assistant to progressive Assembly Representative Michael Sheridan and specializes in constituent relationships. Katie is supported by United Auto Workers and the local Labor Council. Katie has attended training by Progressive Majority and this is her first run for public office.
Click here to support and learn more about Katie.

This info comes direct from ProgressiveMajority.org a useful, if incomplete website for finding progressive candidates. So, go Katie, go Jan... Go Vote, y'deadbeats... (i'm looking at you, shane)


Anonymous said...

hey, i'm a voter. woulda liked to have had that info prior to my voting, tho. pickin' names.. that's what i did.

joel said...

... yeah. I eventually found so info. Turns out i voted mostly for people named Chris.