28 December 2007

It's A 2-Story Brick Colonial!

Today, we successfully closed on a house... seriously. Somebody gave us a set of keys and all we had to do was bring a gigantic (or giant, depending on which Russian you ask) cashier's check and sign several pieces of paper.

We never laid eyes on the sellers (which struck me as a bit odd)... we were quarantined in a small 'signing room' as they were, then had papers delivered over. We did, however, meet the wholly dishonest and shifty Real Estate Agent, who played so many games that we thought we eventually wouldn't get this house.

Tonight we headed over to the house for snacks & champagne w/ Brigette, then struck out into the neighborhood & found Swayz'... A Mexican Restaurant in our 'neighborhood'. We hit the local liquor store (less than 3 blocks away) - good prices and an excellent selection... And met the neighbors across the way... Some of whom are really into their snowblowers... but, they were drinking along on the sidewalk, so they can't be all bad.

It was an evening of 1sts... Rex Grossman's 1st poo in the back yard - Brooke's 1st (and 2nd) spill in the kitchen - Joel's 1st pee - the 1st fly in the house (a late-season January giant) - and the 1st shovelin' (which wasn't up to stuff according to the neighbor, who snowblowed it after i left).

We were also left a series of fine manuals for all of our new appliances & installations... One that i read through was quite revelatory. Our doorbell switches tones. To most any song you can imagine (or at least type of song)... Sadly there's not Counting Crows on the playlist, but The Colonel is well greeted.
That's right, The Colonel, that's what the house on Austin Street will be known as. He's the colonel. 4131 Austin St. In the Tippecanoe neighborhood.

We hope to see you all down there real soon... A hint of a progressive party was broached for late January, but it now seems we might move out sooner to save on January rent, so our two-estate state won't last much longer...

Happy new years all...
Be Excellent to Each Other

Party on, Dude

15 December 2007

retrospectively, respectfully, John Waters

We went Wednesday last to A John Waters Christmas, which really set me into the Christmas Spirit...

#     *      #      *      #

It has been some time since I saw this show.  I think I thought at the time that I would come out of this show with a new appreciation of John Waters.  He's a genius, but I knew little or none of his work when I first when to this show at Turner Hall, and I've still seen almost none of his work.  I remember it being a fun show, funny and nostalgic. (jss - 14 March 2017)