11 August 2009

On Soap

I have now firmly decided that I prefer bars of soap to body wash. Not necessarily a new bar of soap (a song, by the way, written by a brief girlfriend of mine, Chrissy {sorry Chrissy}), but a mostly new bar of soap is far superior in a showering situation to me than body wash.

Despite the fact that body wash is much easier to transport (though not so by air), I would still prefer to tote it along because of the payoff. The experience of concave/convex on my body’s own concavities/convexities is really quite enjoyable (I notice that I seem to have several more convex parts than I once did). The ability to palm the soap and move it around easily and to never run short (until you do) instead of scrambling to get all the faraway parts. Bars of soap, you’re back in my life. Toiletries bag, get ready to accommodate the travel soap dish again, because I am back to being a bar of soap guy.

Sometime after college, I succumbed to the seduction of the loofa. Body washes came in such enticing smells (recently, in fact, i've showered with scents such as thin mint cookie, gingerbread, and eucalyptus) and the idea that while washing myself, i was also "exfoliating" was very exciting to me, but this evening, i was taking a shower and realized just what it was that i most love about a bar of soap... I love the way a bar of soap feels after I rub it two or three times over a three-day growth of stubble. It's like some kind of bizarre moon rock, or something, for the moments immediately following washing your face and that, in and of itself, is enough to make my day.

Other household/personal hygiene preferences:

1) I love cologne now, particularly old, possibly spoiled cologne. Not a cologne that makes me smell bad, but one that makes me smell odd, i just love. I mean, i also love good cologne, smelling sexy, or nice, or boisterous, but the cologne i have on just now is between 15 and 50 years old. It's a bottle of Montage found at the house discussed in this footnote. I also have my first bottle of cologne still, a bottle of Drakkar Noir... i haven't had the nerve to put it on since rediscovering it since I got it in high school, from... um... __(insert name here?)__

2) to be continued...