23 April 2006

Not Zappa

I just got back from seeing Project Object at Martyr's Bar... Damn good show, but one of those shows i go to where it just makes me feel guilty. The band plays Frank Zappa music (mostly from the Joe's Garage era) & is fronted by Ike Willis, who was one of the primary vocalists for several of Zappa's albums.

Every time i hear a Zappa song i've never heard before, i love it - literally, every time - & this happened several times tonight, but that's the problem... There's so much i don't know. Not unlike a few weeks ago, when Andy dragged me to the Ray Davies show at the Vic... I knew a few of the songs, but wished i'd known more, and felt bad not knowing more.

So, i set now a goal for myself, to get more into Zappa... not crazy into Zappa like some of the folk at this show, who seemed to notice every time a guitar soloist changed a single note from original LP recordings... but i really must listen more often to the rock legend & music visionary that was Frank Zappa.


Eric said...

Hey, the firing is done. Sorry you couldn't make it. Glad you had fun at the concert. Did Shane enjoy it?

seeger said...

Hooray. Hope everything came out of the kiln alright... I look forward to the next one.

I think shane dug the show - though, it ended really late (2:30 or so)... I don't envy them the drive home afterwards...