17 April 2006

z is for

It is with great pleasure that i begin this new phase of my life... From this day forward - i blog. Wow, i never thought i'd say those words *snief snief* but today i do.

You may be wondering what the guy to the right (see picture) is doing here. Well, today is a very special day. At least a kind of special day. This evening, at 5:34 pm, CST, i submitted the rough draft of my MAPH thesis. The thesis is all about zombies. That's right, i'm spending ungodly amounts of money attending the University of Chicago & when i am released, i will have an M.A. and a 25 page paper about zombies to show for it. Man i'm such an idiot.

Anyway, i'm happy to be a part of the blogging community. I'm excited to enter my random rantings on a semi-regular basis and imagine anyone caring. I hope to do my small part to add to the inefficiency of the system by taking up small parts of your workday with these posts.
In the immortal words of Bartles (or James) 'Thanks for your support'.


Joel said...

Huh, zombies. Well, I guess under the aegis of Modern Studies you can make a case that zombies are incredibly exemplar of... whatever you choose to tie them to. You certainly could do worse, you could wind up writing about Thackeray or someone else that no one willingly reads anymore. And aren't all those Romero zombie movies supposed to be terribly allegorical? Bang, 25 pages, right there.
Welcome to blogging.

seeger said...

That's right, zombies. My thinking is more along the lines of conspicuous consumption--empty consumption. As we learn from Dr. Logan in Day of the Dead, the zombies gain no nutrition from feeding on humans, they don't need to eat to survive. They only do it out of some kind of instinct. But what sort of messed up instinct is that?

Thanks for having me as part of the greater blogging community...

Joel said...

Hey, way to engage in dialogue in the comments section, something I'm bad at. Very advanced blogging.