01 December 2006

Semi-Celebrity Sighting

Tonight as i worked for the Great Green Devil i saw the bizarre, funny guy from the KXVO news. He was walking through the store and at first i couldn't place him, but once i figured it out, i was so excited. I stalked him a little, shelving books in whatever area he was shopping (he seems to have an overzealous interest in astrology). I tried to share my enthusiasm for my mini-sighting, but nobody seemed very excited (or interested, really).

Omaha's channel 11 news is a truly surreal experience. This guy stands up and delivers "the news", which is a collection of celebrity gossip and short video pieces, interspersed by the slightly more ludacris local Fox News people doing "real" stories. The half-hour broadcast is hysterical and often a bit uncomfortable. It's the best kind of satire, because, i think, it doesn't even know how smart it really is.

Anyway. I was briefly pretty excited for the m-list celebrity sighting.

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