22 December 2006

so sure

So, Friday i bought an awesome Christmas gift & i'm so sure that brooke so never reads my blog, that i'm spilling the beans here, early.

I got her an awesome new bike, that looks something like this one, except that it is more burgundy colored and even awesomer, because it's a bike and not a pixelated image of a bike.

I got a hugely good deal on it, too, because the dealer was switching over from this bike maker. It's gonna be awesome. Happy Christmas, Pleasant Hannukah, and a Supreme Festivus.


noweverybody said...

Rad. I'm inheriting my pop's bike for xmas. Of course on San Francisco's hills it's a little more treacherous.

GMI said...

Happy New Year. I read your story about the bike and want to know if she liked her present?