20 September 2006

NECO suave

I really should have looked more into the MAPH white-outing track instead of studying film & contemporary literature. It probably would have been handier today on this, my first day back into the world of temping.

It's a two-day gig at a company called "NECO" that makes ridiculously large things that stir corn... or something. Anyway, in a very John Locke way, i pushed a button for the first part of the day, and then set to whiting out lots & lots of prices. It's terribly mindless and soul-sucking work if you can get it.

Ah temping. It's certainly not the worst temp job i've ever had (Target - Minneapolis where i placed thousands of color swatches into a "machine" and quite litearally pushed a button), but it sure sucks quite enough thank you.

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