18 February 2011

Workers Unite!

For those in Milwaukee today, there's a rally against union

 busting @ 4pm on the Corner of Water and Wisconsin.

 Please show up in support of worker's rights.

It's a wonderful time and a terrible (in the original sense) time in Wisconsin.  We're heading to Madison this afternoon.  I think it's time to wake up in the United States.  I'm as culpable as anyone I'm talking to - I see the systematic dismantling of lower and middle class rights in favor of corporate consolidation of power, but I'm not an activist.  

I am always fully in support activism, I nod at protesters as I see them, but I'm an unskilled chanter and I never work very hard to re-arrange my schedule, nor do I ever have the audacity to walk away from my daily life, which is why what state workers (and their supporters) are doing across Wisconsin is so impressive.  

By now you should know enough about the bill Governor Scott Walker is proposing.  It's dangerous, for all of us, not just state workers.  It's radical.  It needs to be stopped (though it very well may not be).

What's more important, though, is that whatever the outcome of this particular battle the "Sleeping Giant that's been awakened" (to re-use Lane Hall's imagery from an email) not go back to sleep.  Thanks to everyone who's been fighting the good fight for days, weeks, months, and years.  I hear you, I'm awake and I will try not to go back to sleep.

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