18 September 2016

Parallel (time) Lines

I have had an evening (early morning, really) of sci-fi, but in looking back I found that on this date in history, I was thinking apocalyptically as well.  Just a short while ago, I was writing about how future progress (toward a Star Trekkian world) required a historical or apocalyptic break.

Now watching in the Star Wars Universe (The Force Awakens is on Starz! of all places), and it seems that TIM! (Domhnall Gleeson, it turns out, is this fellow's name - but to me he's always a Tim) is an actor portraying a First Order leader.

It's odd hours - so thoughts are hard to coordinate - but 8 years ago today, we were heading into what was a historic election.  We're on the precipice again today.  And whatever happens, this election will be historic as well.  Assuming one of the two major party candidates wins 270+ in electoral votes: either 1) we'll elect the first woman to the presidency, or 2) America will elect a fascist regime - and a historical moment will be upon us.

"We can't keep"... is the theme here.  It seems that Hillary will most likely be elected, and though I don't expect I will vote for her (Green Party currently holds my vote unless Hil starts changing her tune), I will be happy when she wins.  And that win will continue the path of incremental, mildly left-leaning progress.  And I think that means a slowed-down, incremental move toward economic and ecologic disaster. 

It's hard to think historically and think well about the present - that is, I know intellectually, that Western humans need a breach in order to regulate.  Changing tactics (re-instituting a progressive tax system, joining the rest of the world with a single payer health care plan, cap & trade {or any number of ecological half measures}) won't fix the world.  There needs to be a shift in strategy.

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seeger said...

As it turns out, Tim was also in Brooklyn, which I saw the other evening. I'd say it was a good movie, but I don't quite get how it eeked out its Oscar ranking, except for its whiteness.

Domineering parenting, confusing old-timey racism (Italians vs. Irish!), Catholics.

Overall, I'd give it 6 shots (I think that's about what it took). Not bad, not great...