06 May 2006

"...greatly exaggerated"

This moring, Brooke & i went to the Farmer's Market in Omaha's Old Market, and, after finding it painfully understocked & not buying anything we stopped to have a coffee & sat at an outdoor table... As we were sitting there, Kate, a girl i used to work at Metro Community College with, but didn't know very well, walked by. She was smiling and said, "I'm so glad to see you. I thought you had died." This struck me as odd, but i thought it might just be an expression... something like 'it's been so long,' just weirder, but then she went on to explain that she literally thought i was dead, because she'd heard that somebody named Joel who worked at Elkhorn (the Metro campus i worked at) had died, and she thought it had been me, since she didn't know my last name. She said she'd wondered what i'd died of, and how sad that was & was oddly apologetic that she hadn't come to what she thought had been my funeral (she used her baby as an excuse).

She imparted to me that she was very happy i wasn't dead, a point we could agree on & we parted amicably, if awkwardly... See you later


Joel said...

I wonder if that Joel who died was your stunt double? But then he wouldn't be called "Joel", would he? I can't remember the rules for the stunt double game, if there were any.

seeger said...

Yeah, same name stunt double, i mean, i guess he could wear a nametag, but still, if that's all he's got going for him, he's soon out of a job... well...

As to the rules, i think 'stunt double' like 'brute squad' is more of a pasttime than a game... and the rules are recreated each time you play... (currently, in this coffee shop at UChi, nobody for the brute squad or a stunt double...)