24 April 2006

A Digression on the Academy

All Apologies for the &c. that is this Blog; the Author has just finished, tho’ not entirely Swallowed (it was taken too swift) that most *deathly of Books, pleasant in its Taling from one Digression to Another: that Work endeavors to present an Allegory of Divisions by Nothing & as is always the Case concludes irrationally thereby; as the Reader plainly sees, this Author is utterly moved by these ambitious Undertakings and acts as paultry Scribbler, providing a second Movement of an already not incomplete Work.

BUT, if not this, then what can be added; a Corpse can take in Nothing new (unless, of course, it be a zombified Corpse, in which Case it take in plenty, but then only of what already was thought) and produces only Rot or Naught, but not a lot of either: and so the Author can only add what was already there to be found: against (read Veederly) which this Work aims its Critique, but lest the **Morticians chirp up after me look to embalm & paint my Face anew (I knew they’d try it) I misdirect my Aim, scantily hitting on my true Object clad in obtuse Truth (read otherly, Inside out the Reader plainly sees the true Object of the Academy).

* That is to say an industrious Item, Undertaking more than it could chew.
♂ For some Reason, I could really go for a Cheeseburger right about now.

** The Author, of course, intends by this to mean Criticks.


noweverybody said...

Capitalized nouns are the best!

seeger said...

i was hoping for more words i could falsely end in "-ick", but i guess i don't use that many "-ic" ending words... who knew.